Drinks that your child must avoid for Excellent Teeth Health

Drinks that your child must avoid for Excellent Teeth Health

Have you ever thought about the fact that, despite the best effort you make as a mother with the brush, there’s an opportunity that your child could develop tooth decay due to the drinks they consume!

Do you know the 80percent of children who get dental decay due to the food and drinks they consume at the age of preschool!

Let’s take out the worst three-tooth enemies that a child could drink:

Fresh Fruit Juices:

The most important list is any juice made from fruit!

If it is freshly squeezed at home, is contained in a bottle, or is nectar! These are all extremely bad for teeth. Check the sugar content of the package If you aren’t convinced.

The damage is caused by drinking the juice but having the liquid but not eating it as the child consumes 3-4 times the sugar content of the fruit. This is not even not getting the beneficial fiber that aids digestion and gives feelings of fullness.

Fruit smoothies must also be closely monitored as they could be a cause of concern when their sugar content gets way out of control!

I have witnessed so many wonderful parents who are extremely careful at my Pediatric Dentistry Clinic in Dubai health city in the fall to fruit juices that are fresh, or for smoothies made with fruit, and their kids developed dental decay levels that were extremely high!

Specific claims made by these so-called fruit juices to include 100 percent vitamin C in their child’s diet draw parents’ attention.

In reality, if the child consumes five portions of fruits and vegetables, they will have all of their vitamin C covered for a single day!

Milk With Flavour:

Don’t even get me started on the milk!

And again! My suggestion is to verify the sugar content or carbohydrate content on the packaging of the milk that is flavoured. If you want to know more about the WHO’s guidelines for daily sugar intake, read this blog. In a recent study of popular dairy milk, it’s found that specific milk may contain:

Sugar in a soda can.

Some might even have an entire day’s worth of sugar added to one package of milk!

Soda Drinks:

Don’t forget to beware of sodas and sports drinks too! Consider having more than 10 (or even) spoons of sugar mixed into the water! Do you think you can do that? Children are drinking soda! The problem doesn’t end there. Soda is acidic and could destroy the tooth’s enamel within 20 minutes of continuous exposure! In addition, it is a must that we do not want to expose our kids to the caffeine present in some brands. Of course, some brands contain caffeine. The “diet” kind is loaded with harmful sugar substitutes for your child’s health. For sports drinks, I’d recommend only one used by children who are playing a lot and sweating heavily. It is important to be moderate as they can be prone to contain significant amounts of sugar. Consuming more sugar will increase the possibility of premature decay.

Why do we need to care? Might ask?

Not just because of the increased chance of tooth decay among the earliest years of children. In addition, their overall health is in jeopardy. Studies have linked overweight, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, attention deficit disorders, and other chronic illnesses that result from refined sugar added to drinks. The sad reality is that sweetened beverages have been associated with childhood obesity and decay! Just one or two drinks a day can cause this significant issue.

In addition, many of these drinks contain no nutrition and are merely high in sugar and calories.

Furthermore, when kids drink their calories, it can interfere with their usual feeding habits and healthy eating habits. As a result, confident children are more likely to develop bad eating habits in the future.


Drink water: the most drinking liquid to hydrate you on the planet! Perhaps a cute and vibrant bottle can encourage your child to drink more frequently? I’m just saying! Maybe add a splash of mint leaves or cucumber to add a dash of coolness to your child’s water!

Beware of these delicious sugars, especially in the evening before bedtime. Because most of them remain on the tongue, they could result in a bacterial outbreak while the child is asleep.

Please don’t put anything tasty in a bottle for your child; give it to them in sippy cups instead. If there’s no way out and you’d like to serve that flavored milk, the best way to do it is to fill it in the glass.

Cleanse your child’s teeth for 30 minutes after drinking that delicious juice!

If your child appears to be addicted to one of these behaviors, it is best to consult your Best Pediatric dentist for advice and tips to help them get rid of the sugar craving and keep these beautiful whites in good health.