Five succulents that you can always opt for as house plants

Five succulents that you can always opt for as house plants

The succulents are so popular, and it’s all due to their attributes. The succulents are known to thrive on neglect, and they don’t require much, and they will grow in any climate that is there. They don’t need a lot of attention. Just a little water every once in a while would do. The succulents are perfect. If you are thinking about being a plant parent, then you can always start with these. The succulents adaptability will be ideal for you as they are low maintenance plants and will not require all your attention.


You can also give a succulent to your loved ones and surprise them with these. Ensure that you are growing them in their respective soil and water them according to their need. This will ensure that the plant is growing in a healthy manner. There is no specific or complicated process to care for succulents. If  you are looking for lovely eco-friendly gifts for your loved one and want to opt for this, then you can send it along with the online cake delivery to them and surprise them on this day: 

The Christmas cactus 

This one loves a little bit of moisture, and if cared for properly, then you will be rewarded with blooms as well. Ensure that you are opting for the pot, which has a drainage hole in the bottom so that the soil cannot get too wet. You must keep this plant in bright indirect sunlight and ensure that you are watering only when the topsoil feels a little dry. Once you see that the buds are forming, you can always opt for the fertilisers according to the need. You can always contact a nearby florist and get to know more about this plant. 

Aloe Vera 

Who doesn’t know about this one? This one is the popular choice and is almost found everywhere. You can always opt for this plant for your loved ones as a gift and surprise them. The plant is now known to have various health benefits as well. It will grow better in sunlight but ensure that you are avoiding exposing the plant too much to the afternoon sun as it can burn the leaves of this plant. This plant requires dry soil. You can water it occasionally, and the plant will grow in an ideal manner.

The snake plant

You can always opt for this one as this is indestructible. The plant has a capacity to grow indoors, but you can opt for medium sunlight for it as well. This plant has beautiful long leaves. If you feel that the soil is dry, then ensure that you are watering the plant. The plant is known to remove the toxic pollutants in the air. You can always opt for these plants. These plants have the capacity to grow from inches to a few feet. This will be a beautiful addition to your house plants. Ensure that you are not overwatering these plants. 

The jade plant

The jade plants are long-living plants. Although the plants are adaptable to the warm conditions, one must water when the summers and the spring are there. You can order jade plants along with the midnight birthday cake delivery for your loved one. These plants are beautiful. Since these plants are prone to root rots, you must give them time to dry out between the watering and then water once you feel that the soil is dry. These plants are bound to win the heart of your loved one, and you can even choose these plants to keep in your office or home as well. 

Panda plant 

This succulent has a long life indoors. It has furry textured leaves along with brownish-red markings, which are considered to be similar to a panda’s fur. The plant does not require a lot of water. It would be best if you allowed this particular succulent to dry before you water them again. The flowers rarely bloom on this plant. You can add this to your house as well in a hanging planter. The plant would be perfect. These are a few plants that you can always opt for and surprise your loved one, or you can grow them at your own pace and enjoy the greenery that is there. one must be careful when it comes to the succulents as some of them are cacti as well, ensure that you are keeping the children and pets away from these plants.