Imran khan’s views on Causes of Rape in Pakistan Fuels the Public Anger

Imran khan’s views on Causes of Rape in Pakistan Fuels the Public Anger

The prime minister of Pakistan, Imran khan became a mere target of the public’s anger. He enforced their severe criticism upon himself by giving bizarre views on the causes of rape in Pakistan. While addressing Axios on HBO, he mentioned that the reason behind men’s strong temptation towards rape is nothing else but the short dresses of women in society. He blamed the victims for wearing inappropriate clothes and implied it as an invitation to sexually abuse females.

After khan’s statement, the public, especially Pakistani women raised their concerns regarding their security in the country. A wave of sarcasm towards the government took formation. Women of Pakistan taunted the authorities that they can only blame the victims for the causes of rape and cannot take serious actions against the criminals. It is a victim who suffers the agony particularly when the state is blindly accusing the ones who are being tormented by the hands of rapists.

PM’s Views On Causes Of Rape In Pakistan Make Public Think He Is Delusional  

Pakistan has witnessed a massive increase in rape cases for the last six years. According to statistics, over 22,000 cases of sexual abuse have been recorded by the police. The recent incident was the Sialkot motorway case in which the culprits robbed and raped a woman before her kids. It gave birth to a massive wave of criticism on the Pakistani govt and officials. On top of that, CCPO Omer Sheikh stated that the victim should have been more careful, which resulted in public furious reactions and protests. The Pakistani people hadn’t yet recovered from the comments by a police officer and the premier presented his obnoxious views on international media about the inapt clothes of women are the main causes of rape in Pakistan. The public took it to social media and commented that Khan is a delusional person who can’t see the reality and he simply fixates on victim-blaming.  

Pakistanis Quoted Incidents Contradictory to Khan’s Statement

Many supported their stance by quoting the brutal incidents which don’t reflect women’s fault in the assault against them. For instance, child abuse has become a trend for rapists in the country. The whole country would remember Zainab, a six-year-old kid who was raped and murdered brutally in 2018. Despite this, several rape cases include pedophiles targeting young kids to satisfy their filthy desires. As per such stance, the stats don’t justify Imran Khan’s mindset about the causes of rape.

Other than that, the women of Pakistan condemned the premier’s point of view by commenting about those soulless creatures who target animals. Reportedly, over many years, multiple men got caught while raping hens, goats, and cats as well. Females claim that short dresses don’t cause mind sickness, it is the filth in the culprits’ minds that results in actions against the rape victims.

People strongly disagreed with the PM as they stated that fully dressed women who cover their bodies completely also meet their terrible fate at the hands of criminals. So how come, they can tempt those who rape and murder them.

What can Khan Learn from His Mistakes?

 According to the social media posts, Imran khan is a reasonable person but he is a human after all and can look for the errors in his comments. In other words, he can right his wrongs by seeing that victim-blaming is a wrong approach. A few months back, he gave a similar statement. He mentioned that obscenity in society by women’s short dresses is the main reason behind the increasing rape cases in Pakistan. In his opinion, every person is not strong enough to control his desires i.e., some people don’t have strong will powers to distract themselves from committing heinous crimes like rape. The British writer and producer, Jemima Goldsmith severely criticized Imran Khan for his victim-blaming act. She mentioned that the person I used to know believed that a man should cover his eyes. In other words, ‘there should be a veil on man’s eye instead of a woman’s body.

What are the Suggestions for the PM to Eradicate Sexual Assault from Society?

The Pakistanis after acknowledging Imran’s views on causes of rape in Pakistan stated that there should be severe punishment for therapists. In order to control the constantly increasing rape cases in Pakistan, khan should implement chemical castration after proper investigation. In addition, women fixated on putting a stop to victim-blaming because it only hurts the person with trauma after the crime.

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