What are the natural supplements to cure Asthma?

What are the natural supplements to cure Asthma?

Logically and scientifically according to all the researches that have been done, there is no cure for Asthma. This thing should go into every person mind who is reading this article. Any product or supplement advertising 100% cure from Asthma should be taken as a sign of a fake product.

But when we get diagnosed with Asthma, we tend to believe this misinformation believing that it may happen. What happens is that you lose your hard-earned money to a scammer who is nowhere to be seen now.

So, what should be our step towards controlling Asthma? The first is an inhaler but apart from this, some people consume natural food items. But are they really helpful in Asthma or just a gimmick? Let’s found out about truth regarding this matter in the article.

Why people get Asthma?

There are no specific reasons that cause Asthma to a person. A three-year-old child and a well-built30-year-old man can get Asthma. So, there is no age barrier regarding Asthma Attacks.

Regular exposure to certain substances or environments which cause symptoms like coughing, sneezing can lead to Asthma.

And whenever you inhale that smoke you sneeze and cough terribly. But until you inhaled that smoke you were all okay. Now you will go to your office regularly and so regularly you would inhale that smoke.

And every day you would sneeze, cough on inhaling that. Doing this continuously leads to asthma. And the substance which triggers Asthma in you is cigarette smoke. Similarly, some are triggered due to dust particles, incense smells, perfume, etc.

Are natural supplements helpful in Asthma?

Before we move into the discussion whether natural supplements benefit Asthma or not? We should first understand what leads to asthma and its effects on organs.

In Asthma our airways or windpipe you say, get narrowed, tightened, or constricted. So, an Asthma person feels shortness of breath, coughing, sneezing, or a whistling sound while inhaling. The chest gets tightened, the blood pressure increases and the heart beats faster.

There is no complete solution to Asthma, once contracted we can only control it. The medications or the natural supplements which we take relax the airways, which help in the free movement of air into the lungs during inhaling and outside the lungs while exhaling.

But the question is can natural supplements also relax the airways and provide a relieving effect. Well, scientifically no evidence supports that natural supplements health in Asthma.

But along with there are also no reports proving that natural supplements harm your body or worsen your Asthma condition.

  • Ginger–Asthma is a disorder which deals with the lungs no getting enough air. Ginger is one such natural food item that reduces inflammation in the air tract.
  • Garlic –Like ginger, garlic is an anti-inflammation natural supplement. Common cold and flu are easily treated with the consumption of garlic. If you cannot eat raw garlic try eating garlic-rich food like garlic bread etc.

Similarly, there are various food items present in your kitchen that in some way helpful. But as earlier discussed there are no researches or proofs that show the effectiveness of natural supplements in Asthma. It is advisable to consume these supplements along with a consultation with your doctor.

This will bring the headache of any side effects from these products. But there is a surety with natural products that if they don’t improve your condition then also there wouldn’t be any side effects.

Suppose you are eating turmeric for few weeks regularly for Asthma.

Solutions other than natural supplements

Even if your natural supplements do not work. There are always medications and inhalers available in the market. Inhalers are a bottle filled with a chemical that helps in relaxation of airways.

When the airways relax the air can easily flow into the lungs. But once the chemical is used, at the time of another Asthma attack you need to use the inhaler again.

For an Asthma patient, an inhaler becomes a part of him/her which needs to be carried everywhere. One can easily order Asthalin Inhaler, Duolin Inhaler, Levolin Inhaler from Arrowmeds.com.

All inhalers have the same job to ease the tension in the airways with the help of chemicals. What differs is the chemical used. In Asthalin Inhaler salbutamol and in Duolin Inhaler andLevolin Inhaler levosalbutamol is used.

So, you find that there are lots of natural supplements, extract from nature, to support your asthma. With the aid of those, you can not only restrain the triggers of asthma but also can control asthma as it is in n the form of a disease. Hence, try out them and apply the same in your life for a better tomorrow. Remain safe, especially now, with your asthma, as the same is very much congruent for COVID.