What is Lead Generation Marketing and how is it work Useful?

What is Lead Generation Marketing and how is it work Useful?

What is the lead:-

The lead-in marketing is called a person or a visitor. A lead is contact information and geographic information means a customer who is interested to receive your product/service. Suppose you are a company and you sell your product/service, when someone will be interested in taking your product/service, then that is called a lead.

What is Lead Generation:-

What does lead generation mean in marketing, to encourage the interest of buyers in any business or product? The purpose of this work is to show the eagerness to know about that product or service. This means to bring potential customers, by potential customers, we mean that the customer who has not yet bought any service or product. But they can buy that service or product, this is called lead generation. In the internet world, it is known as an online lead generating, they are used to run ads, for which there are many types of service like Google Adword and Bing ad, and direct purchasing is used.

Type of lead generation:-

There are two types of lead generation

  • Marketing leads
  • Sales lead
  1. Marketing leads:-

Marketing leads mean that a brand-specific lead is generated for a unique advertiser offer. Marketing leads go only once, marketing qualified leads are those that come through a channel like content marketing, web search etc.

  1. Sales lead:-

Sales leads are generated on the basis of the Normally Demographic Criteria such as location, income, age, etc. Sales leads can also be made through phone calls.

 Lead generation process:-

Create a website:-

For online lead generation, it is very important to have a website first because you know that what you see is sold. At this time, you become a website in 4k or 6k. With the help of a website, you can spread your business throughout the day so that anyone can access your business anywhere. Because of which you can easily make leads.

Use new technology:-

You should use new technology; your website needs to be mobile-friendly, due to which the website is easily opened in pc, so it will have easy access to mobile. Because in today's world mobile usage is better than desktop, nowadays people use mobile for online search, you will get more leads from mobile.

Use App:-

The mobile app is one way you can collect leads from your business. If you install any app on your mobile, then you can use it only after putting your name, mobile number, email id on it, due to which all your details are saved in the records of the company, from which you anyone gets details and you can stay in touch. What else can lead to better lead generation for you?

Use Facebook/Instagram:-

You can generate leads very easily with the help of Facebook and Instagram because traffic is easily found on Facebook and Instagram, all you have to do is create a group/page on Facebook / Instagram and by running paid ads thousands of traffic leads. I can convert Facebook / Instagram is a place where you can bring traffic according to age group, gender.

Search Engine Optimization:-

If your website is not coming to the top of Google’s search then you are not going to get any benefit because any person searches in Google and your website is not in the top list of Google, then you will not get organic traffic, and Your lead generation will also work. For organic traffic, it is very important to have SEO of your website in a good way, for this you will have to hire an SEO specialist person who will do SEO of your website well. You will find a good SEO spiciest by searching which you can HIRE for your website.

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